Dragon boat is an unconventional sport which, over the past years, constantly catches limelight. Way back year 1991, the first ever dragon boat team in Manila was formed. It is what we know today as Manila Dragons Dragonboat Rowing Team or more popularly known as the Manila Dragons. Over the past years, this team bagged a number of medals from various dragon boat races. With the growing number of people wanting to try dragon boat, the Manila Dragons increased in number. People from different walks of life, gender and age groups join together in the team, and paddle as one. The Manila Dragons take pride of its paddlers. In fact, the Team Magazine, a magazine that focuses on news and stories of gay men in Southeast Asia, featured some of the members of the team: the gay paddlers of Manila Dragons.
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The Team Magazine is headed by Mr. Paolo Lorenzana, the editor-in-chief and Mr. Victor Platon, then editor-at-large. Together with them are Mr. JL Javier and Ms. Beatrice Faicol, the photographers of the said magazine.

The four-man squad spearheaded the feature of Manila Dragons as part of their April 2017 issue. The Team Magazine, together with the Manila Dragons are advocacies of equality among a diverse group of people. Looking and treating every individual with respect despite differences; knowing that what matters is not the preference of a person, but the strength contributed in and out of the boat.

Both Manila Dragons and Team Magazine will continuously raise awareness about the importance of equality in sports. Looking not on who the paddler is, but on his dedication to paddle strong.
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Produced by: Victor Platon and Paolo Lorenzana of TEAM Magazine
Photography by: JL Javier for TEAM Magazine
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