1. What do I need to bring?
    • Clothes that you are comfortable to wear and get wet with Manila Bay water. We color code our shirts so it’s easier to spot us. Our team wears yellow on Tuesdays, pink on Thursdays, red on Saturdays and blue on Sundays.Bring slippers, lots of water, a change of clothes and your game face. Shades, sun block and a cap are all optional.
    • Bring slippers, lots of water, a change of clothes and your game face. Shades, sun block and a cap are all optional.
    • On weekends, apart from the items above, we recommend you also bring rubber shoes and a yoga mat.
  2. Where can I leave my stuff?
    • You can leave them in any of our teammates’ cars. It’s safe 🙂
  3. Where are you guys?
    • You can find a map in this website, but if that’s not enough, you can search us on Waze and on Google Maps. Just type Manila Dragons and drive there.
    • If you are commuting, our meeting place is at the CCP Bay Terminal Parking, which is right beside Harbour Square. It’s a big parking lot, and you’d see many teams meeting there. If you can’t find our colors, just ask around. Other teams will point you to where we are.
  4. Are there any fees?
    • Newbie paddlers do not need to pay the team until they are decided to be a member, but our federation asks non-member paddlers to pay PHP50 per training, which helps in the maintenance and operations of PCKDF.
    • When you are finally convinced to be a member, our Secretary can discuss membership dues with you.
  5. I don’t know how to swim, is that OK?
    • It’s a water sport, so we’d rather you know how to at least float or tread on water. But if you really don’t know how to swim – that’s fine too. We have life vests for you. And maybe we can teach you how to swim one day.
  6. Is it really that early?
    • Yes. And believe me, you’d be happy we start early. Do you really want to be paddling under the heat of the late morning sun while on Manila Bay? Also, some of us do need to work, so it’s best to rise and shine before everyone else does.
  7. Ummm, Manila Bay?
    • 🙂
  8. I’m not that fit, will I make it?
    • We have teammates who were literally couch potatoes, chain smokers, heavy drinkers and unhealthy eaters, and they somehow survived dragon boat. So don’t worry, your first few days of training won’t be as intense as what you think – but we can’t promise what happens next.
      If you do have some condition (ie. asthma, hypertension, recent surgery or confinement, etc) it is best to ask your doctor and secure a medical certificate to confirm you are fit enough to give it a go.
  9. I’m not that young anymore (or I’m too young), is that OK?
    • We have high school students on our boat, and we have a senior citizen still actively competing. So for as long as you can lift a paddle and you are fit to do a bit of work, please feel free to join.
  10. Can I borrow a paddle and a life vest?
    • Of course! Just make sure you let us know when you are coming, so we can ensure you have one on your visit.
  11. Can I bring a friend with me?
    • We’d love for you to bring as many friends as you want. We feel having a friend join you can make it easier for you to sustain your training commitment, and at least you have someone who can bug you to get out of bed in the mornings, or maybe share a cab with.
  12. Who do I look for?
    • Look for our Manager, Gelo Cimagala or Team Captain’s Eric Tinio and Trix Llamas.