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The Manila Dragons is one of the first dragonboat teams in the Philippines, and is a member of the Philippine Canoe Kayak and Dragonboat Federation (PCKDF). Founded in 1991, the team continues to be active in many local and international competitions. The Manila Dragons has some of the best and most respected coaches in the sport, and has the most complete training and safety equipment, providing its over one hundred active paddlers the ideal conditions to learn and enjoy dragonboat and become competitive champion paddlers.

About Dragonboat

Dragonboat is a team sport that requires the coordination of all the paddlers, steersman and drummer on the boat to move and act as one throughout a race. The sport traces its roots over 2,000 years ago in China, where racing formed part of an ancient religious ceremony to celebrate and venerate Chinese deities in relation to their harvest and planting season.

Today, there are thousands of dragonboat teams throughout the world, and a number of teams from the Philippines, including the Manila Dragons, continue to dominate some of the most prestigious international championships.

Why train with us?

Well, the short answer is – because we are a lot of fun and full of pure awesomeness. 🙂 But seriously, there are many reasons to join us.

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    World-Class Trainors

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    Excellent Training Programs

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    Complete Training Equipment

The Manila Dragons is the only team that has its own fleet of three dragonboats – the most of any club in Manila. This means newbies can be accommodated and can learn at their own pace, with one on one training by our coaches and team captains. We won’t force you to jump in the same boat where the more experienced paddlers are preparing for a race. This allows you to learn the technique faster, plus you meet a lot of new friends who are also just starting like you.

We also have enough safety measures in place to ensure you do not need to worry about accidents while paddling with us. We have an oversupply of life rings and life vests, and over 20 of us have undergone survival training – so yes, we know how to fish you out to safety in case our boat capsizes. Our steersmen are mostly certified by the federation and carry years of experience maneuvering boats.

We have been around the longest. Over 25 years of rich history, and we continue to write new chapters. We love to welcome everyone! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a six pack, or you don’t do cross fit, what matters is you have the attitude of an athlete and a champion. We have over one hundred paddlers, and we are certain you will find a group within our group that shares your interests and your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clothes that you are comfortable to wear and to get wet with Manila Bay water. We color code our shirts so it’s easier to spot us. Our team wears yellow on Tuesdays, pink on Thursdays, red on Saturdays and blue on Sundays.

Bring slippers, lots of water, a change of clothes and your game face. Shades, sun block and a cap are all optional.

On weekends, apart from the items above, we recommend you also bring rubber shoes and a yoga mat.

You can leave them in any of our teammates’ cars. It’s safe.

You can find a map in this website, but if that’s not enough, you can search us on Waze and on Google Maps. Just type Manila Dragons and drive there.

If you are commuting, our meeting place is at the CCP Bay Cruise Terminal Parking Lot, which is right beside Harbour Square. It’s a big parking lot, and you’d see many teams meeting there. If you can’t find our colors, just ask around. Other teams will point you to where we are.

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Meet Our Trainors

our Achievements

The Manila Dragons has won a number of local and international championships throughout its 25 year history, and continues to be one of the strongest teams to beat.

Recently, the Manila Dragons won multiple first place finishes in the 2015 Taiwan International Dragonboat Championships, and had back to back Diamond Cup wins in the 2011 and 2012 King of the World Championships held in Hong Kong.


PCKDF Club Crew Challenge Series 1

Manila Bay, City of Manila

May 14, 2017

  • 6th – men’s crew long boat
  • 4th – mixed crew long boat
  • 4th – women’s crew short boat
  • 1st – mixed crew short boat


1st Paoay Dragon Boat Race

Paoay, Ilocos Norte

May 6, 2017

  • 4th – major finals men’s crew short boat
  • 4th – major finals mixed crew short boat


2016 Puerto Princesa International Club Crew Championship

Puerto Princesa, Palawan

November 2016

  • 1st – minor finals 500m women’s full boat

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Our Advocacy

The Manila Dragons is proud to be home to five breast cancer survivors — the most under a team in the Philippines. Scientific studies have shown that repetitive upper body movement prevents the recurrence of cancer cells on breasts, making dragonboat the perfect sport for those looking to get active while having a support crew of fellow cancer survivors who can definitely perform competitively.

Breast Cancer Awareness

There are many dragonboat teams in the world composed of just breast cancer survivors and the Manila Dragons is on the lookout to recruit more so the Philippines can finally field its own team packed with just incredibly strong and inspiring women.

Every October, the team holds a month long celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness, to make more people aware about breast cancer and dragon boat. We have hosted fun rows with some cancer survivors, and even went on national television to further increase awareness.

Raising Awareness
inspiring hope

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We welcome anyone and everyone to try this fun and dynamic sport. It doesn’t matter if you’re not fit, or if you think you are too old, because we can help you ease into it without exerting too much effort at first. Just sign up and show up, and we’d take care of everything. Just make sure you bring water and be prepared to get wet.

Our Address

Our Docking Area: CCP Bay Parking Terminal

Training Schedules

Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 4:45am

Saturdays and Sundays @ 5:30am

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Contact Us

You can also message us on our official Facebook page.

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